How to Burn Fat While You Sleep? Is It Realy Work?

‘Calories are your enemy’ is one of the most heard lines by an obese person, but do they realize that sleep is their fat burning friend? A large number of people are facing the problem of obesity because of their sluggish lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and improper sleep. Let’s face it. We all want a great, slim and trim body.

Now you may try weight loss supplements and fat burning workouts, however, despite your hard and dedicated efforts, you just cannot get the desired results. Sleeping may be one of the best fat burning solutions, and nobody realizes it! A large number of people are not aware of the fact that one can burn calories while sleeping.

Various medical studies and researches, conducted all around the globe, have proved the fact that one can burn calories while sleeping and also increase metabolism, reduce hunger and as a result help burn more fat by getting the proper amount of good quality sleep.Burning the surplus amount of fat or calories is one of the major elements of the metabolism process.

Usually, the metabolic rate of a person’s body determines the fat burning rate. For instance, if you are consuming 2000 calories and your metabolic rate can burn around 1500 calories, then you will surely gain extra pounds. However, certain people are blessed naturally with a high metabolic rate, which helps them in maintaining a healthy body weight despite consuming a large amount of junk food.

Their metabolic rate can burn all the calories that creep inside their body. Well, getting the proper amount of sleep will directly affect your metabolic rate.Various other health complications often accompany obesity. Some of the dangerous health issues being the increased rate of heart attack, increased levels of cholesterol, joint problems and impaired level of sugar in blood or diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the biggest problems faced by a large number of people suffering from obesity. Diabetes is mainly of 2 types namely Diabetes type 1 and Diabetes type 2. Some of the common diabetes symptoms include increased fatigue, polyphagia, irritability, blurry vision and lack of concentration.

Therefore, to avoid all these complications, you are required to sleep properly. Sleeping properly will enable you to consume less and increase the pace of the fat burning process. It also may be the best ways to avoid some of these life-threatening health issues.Various researches, carried on all around the globe, have justified the relationship between weight loss and sleep.

In a study conducted at the Chicago University, around ten overweight subjects were examined for about four weeks. During the first two weeks, these people were allowed to sleep for around 8 hours and during the second two weeks; this period was reduced to 5.5 hours.

There was no significant difference between the weight lost during these days. In another event, they slept for about 7 hours and 24 minutes in the first phase and 5 hours and 14 minutes in the second period. When these people got time to sleep properly, they lost about 1.5 kg of their weight.

But when they were restricted from sleeping, a fat burning process slowed down and they were able to lose only 0.6 kg.

According to Plamen Penev (assistant professor of medicine at Chicago University), If your goal is to lose fat by accelerating the fat burning process, skipping sleep is similar to poking sticks in your own bicycle wheels.

So, instead of depending on various weight loss supplements or fat burning medicines, you can adopt proper sleeping habits. By altering you dietary and daily regular habits, you can modify a number of calories and fat in your body while sleeping.

  • June 12, 2017
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