Best Food That Helps You Sleep

If you’re dealing with insomnia, chances are you’re looking into food that helps you sleep. This is completely understandable as the food we put into our bodies plays such a significant role in every aspect of our lives.

Thankfully, there is a lot of food that helps you sleep as foods that promote sleep have naturally occurring elements that cause you to feel sleepy. Keep in mind, you definitely shouldn’t eat directly before bed, but indulging in food that helps you sleep shortly before you decide to call it a night can help with insomnia.

Below are what have been found to be the best food that helps you sleep.

Food that helps you Sleep


Excellent food that helps you sleep would have to be fish. The majority of all fish contain the vitamin B6 which is required to make melatonin. As many of you may know, melatonin is a hormone which induces sleep. Vitamin B6 is essential to this sleep hormone.Jasmine


Jasmine rice, as opposed to other long-grain rice, has been shown to cause sleepiness much more frequently. This could probably be that jasmine rice has a higher glycemic index than other types of rice, which may increase the sleep-inducing amino acid, tryptophan. Regardless of the exact process, many people consider jasmine rice to be one of the best food that helps you sleep.


Getting sufficient amounts of calcium is key to getting adequate rest. Any food that contains calcium can be one of the greatest foods that can help you sleep. Incorporating dairy products into your daily diet can help with your insomnia. Yogurt proves to be a fantastic food that helps you sleep at night as it is lighter than cheese and more filling than milk.

Whole Grains

Another mineral that is important to sleep happens to be magnesium. Studies happen to show that having a magnesium deficiency directly correlates to sleep deprivation. Whole grains such as barley and bulgur are on the list of the best food that helps you sleep as they contain high amounts of this sought after mineral for sleep.


Similar to fish, chickpeas are loaded with vitamin B6, making them earn a top spot on the best food that helps you sleep list. Again, vitamin B6 is needed to create melatonin which aids in quality sleep. Not only are chickpeas healthy and great for sleep, but they are also very filling, making them a perfect evening snack as you won’t feel like munching on unhealthy junk food.

Kale and Leafy Greens

When we think of calcium, we often the thing of dairy products, am I right? Wrong. Kale and leafy greens happen to be loaded with calcium, making them a perfect food that helps you sleep. Calcium is great for combating insomnia and should definitely be added to your diet whether through dairy products, or kale and leafy greens.


Bananas are mostly famous for being rich in potassium; however, they are another food that is rich in vitamin B6. By combing the vitamin B6 rich foods of fish, chickpeas, and bananas into your diet, you will be putting foods into your system that will only aid in the healing of your insomnia.

Many common ailments can be cured by what we put into our bodies and what better way to do that by changing the foods that we eat instead of taking strong medications? This food that promotes sleep, will not only assist in healing your struggles with insomnia, but they will make you feel healthier overall.

The list of the best food that helps you sleep can be much longer, but merely by learning which foods contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can create your own diet to manage your insomnia. When planning meals, incorporate food that helps you sleep by researching which foods contain B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Eating the right food that helps you sleep, will be one of the best decisions you make if you are tackling insomnia. Partnering those foods with exercise and natural sleep aids will ensure your way to recovery. No longer will you have to deal with suffering insomnia brings if you start taking action and making healthy lifestyle choices.

  • June 12, 2017
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